A Good Belly Laugh Keeps You Centered


The Addams Family was one of my all time favorite TV shows! I would literally burst out laughing at the absurd comedy performed by this taleted group of actors. While the dialogue was quite witty, the physical comedy took the cake for me and always provided me with a great belly laugh. (Probably why I loved the Three Stooges as well.)

You’ve probably noticed that not only does a good belly laugh feel great, but it cuts through the daily stress and changes your physical state from one of tension and stress to a state of joy and relaxed ease.

A belly breath forces you to breath deeply down to your center, that place thats located an inch or two below your navel and an inch or two inside your belly. The “power center” is the physical center of mass of your body, but also representes the center of your being. Breathing to your center puts you into “the Zone”, that physiological state where you perform at your best in a relaxed but energized state.

This is probably the reason why I’ve been obsessed by a dumb but hilarious video re-edit that someone named Wally posted on YouTube and Facebook. It’s an Addam’s Family clip set to cool music, and I ‘ve been watching it every morning lately. (Which may seem strange but I don’t care, I love it!)

No matter how I feel, it gets me laughing and brings my breath and energy down to my center, empowering me with good feelings as I get into the Zone! It’s a short silly clip, but I hope you enjoy it. Remember, there’s a reason we say that laughter is the best medicine. Get your daily dosage today by watching this clip!

Click here to view the video


Please let me know how you liked this clip and if you got the same belly aching reaction that I got from it by emailing me back!


Keep Looking Forward…

Dr. Pete




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