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SLIDESHOW: Dr. Pete’s New Workshop Debuts at the Arnold’s Sports Festival

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I’m so honored to be presenting my new workshop at the ICA Arnold Symposium on Natural Fitness & Sports at this years Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio on March 5-7, 2015.

To think that just 5 months ago I was lying in a hospital bed with a torn up knee and cracked ankle. And now I will be leading an enthusiastic group of health and fitness professionals in a workshop that is the culmination of all my experiences over four decades in the physical culture world.

We’re going to have a blast at this workshop, learning to tap our inborn strengths through focus, breathe and movement. So wear loose comfortable clothes and it might not be a bad idea to bring a towel!

Here’s a taste of what’s to come! These are the slides I will be using as part of my presentation. There’s some useful information in here and the slides will give you an idea of what we’ll be covering, but you’ll have to attend the event to get the details! Watch for pictures and videos of the workshop coming soon…


The Night I Met Jack LaLanne…

JAck LaLanne blog post

What a thrill it was when I looked across the aisle! I was in the Columbus Veterans Memorial Arena in Columbus, Ohio at the Finals of the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding and Arnold Strongman Competitions. I arrived early and had a great seat near the orchestra and stage.

As I casually turned my head, my heart skipped a beat as I caught glimpse of the only fitness icon higher on my own personal pantheon than Arnold himself.

I was sitting across from Jack LaLanne!

The “godfather of fitness”, the “first fitness superhero”, host of The Jack LaLanne Show from 1953 to 1985! A trained chiropractor and World War II veteran, Jack started his Oakland California gym in 1936, which served as the prototype for dozens of gyms throughout the country that bore his name. Upon his death, Arnold Schwarzenneger called him “an apostle of fitness” who inspired “billions all over the world to live healthier lives.”

So after my knees stopped shaking like a nervous little boy finally meeting his idol, I popped out of my seat to go over and say hello. I congratulated him on being selected for the Arnold Lifetime Achievement Award that would be presented to him later that night and he reminded me to keep doing my push ups! We snapped a quick photo and I returned to my seat to enjoy the awesome evening.

One of most admirable qualities about Jack LaLanne was his  PASSION! Passion to motivate people to take better care of themselves through exercise and nutrition. A passion to inspire people to smile and appreciate their lives so they could experience a happier and more productive life.

Take three minutes out of your day and view this inspirational clip from the Jack LaLanne Show about Unhappy People, where he explains how health and happiness comes from within.


Click here to view the 3 minute video on YouTube.


How Strong Is Your Core? Take The Test

Here’s one of my most popular videos from my YouTube channel. I’ve been using and teaching this basic test for many years and I still find it a reliable indicator of overall core strength and stability.

And the unique thing about it is that not only is it a test, it’s also a great training protocol for developing your core strength and stability over time.

Don’t worry about completing the whole test at first, I’d rather you stick to good form. You’ll feel your muscles shaking as you reach your limit of core activation, so go at your own pace and let each session build on the last until you can finally pass the test.

Here’s the test protocol, right click the photo below and download for reference if you wish.


Are the Five Tibetan Rites Really the Fountain of Youth?


The 5 Tibetan Rites are a series of movements or exercises that stimulate energy flow throughout your body. Everything we know about The Five Tibetan Rites comes from a book written in 1939 by Peter Kelder that chronicles the search for the fountain of youth by a retired British Army officer, Colonel Bradford. His journey led him to the Himilaya mountains where the natives told him the legends of a group of Lamas, or Tibetan monks of a remote monastery who knew the secrets of the fountain of youth. He was intrigued by their stories of old men who mysteriously regained health, strength and vigor upon finding and entering the monastery.

Well, Colonel Bradford finally found the monastery and trained with the monks for two years. Upon his return, he shared his experiences of the daily habits of  the monks and their anti-aging methods. The Five Tibetan Rites are central to their secrets.

An edited version of the original book is available for free online, and this short book makes for enjoyable reading and is chock full of wonderful, healthful information. Especially helpful is the in depth instruction on how to make use of these movement exercises. In fact, they are much more than exercises, that’s why they call them rites. The movements stimulates spinning of your energy points (also called vorteces or chakras). And therein may lie the secret to a more rejuvinated, healthful mind and body.

I perform the Rites regularly and they are great for beginners (there is plenty of instruction on how to get started) as well as more seasoned athletes and fitness enthusiasts. If you need my help in implementing them, feel free to call, email or stop by the office.

Click here for the free ebook version of

The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth

by Peter Kelder

Keep Looking Forward…

Dr. Pete



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