Innate Power

Innate Power is your inborn life force that animates and gives energy to everything you do…

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Innate Power is generated from the intelligent energy field that courses through the center of your body and permeates every single organ, tissue and cell of your being. The field created by this central sonic/chemical/electromagnetic force produces an aura or torus that extends out from your body and can be measured by scientific instruments several feet away.


This vital force that flows like a river through us goes by many names, but it is experienced by us all to some degree. Some call it innate intelligence, the master conductor responsible for the organization, maintenance and healing of the body. Others call it the energy field of the heart. In the East its known as qi, chi or prana, the elemental life force cultivated by your breath. Athlete’s now it as the “zone”, a state where their bodies functions at peak performance with relaxed energy.

Whatever it’s called, we’ve all experienced this inner strength and wisdom that guides us at various times in our lives to perform at our best. Maybe it was a sport competition, a ballet recital, an art session, an emergency situation or just the daily struggle to make it in life that spurred you on to do your best by connecting with the inner strength that is you.

dancing waterfallCreating this resourceful state on demand in your life and summoning your inborn strengths to perform at your best is what the Innate Power Tools are all about. These tools are time tested focus, breathing and movement techniques that anyone can do to improve their life. The results are often improved confidence, better performance, stress reduction and vibrant health.

My program consists of 10 Innate Power Tools. There are many variations to these tools as well as more advanced tools for personal power and growth, but we’ll get you started with these 10 strategies which can change your life rather quickly.

CENTERING – Focusing to your center.

BREATHING – Directing your breath.

POSTURING - Standing at your tallest.

GROUNDING - Gripping the ground with your feet.

BALANCING - Feeling for agility and balance.

SENSING – Awareness of your surroundings

SQUATTING – Power through the lower extremities

PUSHING – Power moving forward

PULLING - Power moving backwards

CLIMBING – Full body movement

I will be sharing…

These are the tools and tactics that I will be sharing with you in the near future in a number of interactive and unique online and live workshops, special reports, blog posts and my new book, Innate Power – Embrace your inborn strengths and reconnect to your inner energy.


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