Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire as many people as possible to discover their center of inborn strengths and reconnect to the innate life force within us that creates vibrant health and superior performance.

sailing with bella
Dr. Pete and his daughter Bella en route to St. Barth’s Island in the Caribbean.

The innovative Centering programs that I have developed teach people the focus, breathing and movement techniques that enable us to access the center of innate power that animates our living bodies. This vital force flows like a mighty river through the center of each and every one of us, and gives life and function to every inch of our spiritual, mental and physical being. When we become aware of our innate center of power, and train ourselves to use it, our performance in life improves while our bodies feel healthy, vital and alive.

Community awareness with Dr. Pete and the Teaneck Fire Department.

Enlist Dr. Pete to help you on this journey inside yourself. Dr. Pete has helped thousands of individuals tap into their inborn potential and create vibrant, healthy lives. Just click ASK DR. PETE in the right sidebar and get started!

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