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My Daily Vitamins…(They should be yours too!)

When I take out my daily bottle of vitamins, it doesn’t contain pills, it’s filled with fresh kale, cucumbers, celery, lemon, ginger and apples. It’s green juice and I love it for the way it makes me feel and function. Isn’t that why we seek out supplements in the first place?

Some days I start off with carrot, celery and beet juice. Or maybe pink grapefruit juice. I’m lucky that there is a fruit and vegetable store close by to my house that has a variety of freshly squeezed juices every day. It makes it so much more convenient than my old Jack LaLanne Juicer that took a half hour to prep and a half hour to clean up.

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If you have the time to make juices from scratch then more power to you. But plenty of people don’t have the time and they give up making homemade, storing their unused juicerĀ  in their basement! If you can find a high quality, organic sourced, freshly squeezed variety, go for it. Opting for convenience will make it more likely you get your daily serving(s).

I enjoy the combinations that are more savory than sweet. I don’t want too much sugar with my daily dosage. Most supermarket varieties are just too sweet and no better than soft drinks. Drink it early in the day to wake up and give yourself sustained energy.

Of course I don’t get all my nutritional needs from these drinks, but the point is that I seek to get my nutrition from real foods rather than pills in a box. Organic, non-GMO, local sources generally have more nutrients and are much better for you.

Real whole clean foods like wild fish, grass fed beef, organic eggs, cage free poultry, local fruits/veggies, avocados, raw nuts/seeds, fibrous starches and healthy oils make up the bulk of my daily plan. Select real whole foods and enjoy the Zen effect of preparing it well and savoring the meal.

Use what nature has given us in its simplest forms. You’ll look great and feel great. Give the “ONE-A-DAY” juice habit a try and let me know how better you feel!

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