There’s No Cramming with Chiropractic

Chiro 101
Remember the days of pulling an ‘all nighter’ for a major exam – trying to cram an entire semester’s worth of work in one, non-stop studying marathon?  Well, you can’t get away with that when it comes to your Health and Chiropractic.

There are some who wish they could simply go to the Chiropractor and have years of aches, pains and health issues erased in just one cram session – a Chiropractic all nighter if you will.  But like cramming for a test, a quick Chiropractic patch job is temporary at best.  Last minute adjustments for long standing problems will always yield fleeting results.  It takes sustained, consistent care over time to make measurable changes to bad spines.

So if you think you can re-call a cervical lordosis or undo years of poor bio-mechanics with one 24 hour sleepless Chiropractic binge, think again. There is no such thing as pulling an all nighter when it comes to get your health and your spinal integrity back.

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How Strong Is Your Core? Take The Test

Here’s one of my most popular videos from my YouTube channel. I’ve been using and teaching this basic test for many years and I still find it a reliable indicator of overall core strength and stability.

And the unique thing about it is that not only is it a test, it’s also a great training protocol for developing your core strength and stability over time.

Don’t worry about completing the whole test at first, I’d rather you stick to good form. You’ll feel your muscles shaking as you reach your limit of core activation, so go at your own pace and let each session build on the last until you can finally pass the test.

Here’s the test protocol, right click the photo below and download for reference if you wish.


Don’t Be a Zombie for Halloween!

“The tragedy of Life is not death, but what we let die within us while we live.” – Norman Cousins

Walking Subluxated
What do ‘walkers’ and the chronically Subluxated have in common? Both are doomed to aimlessly wander the earth more DEAD – than fully ALIVE!

Subluxation – definition –  sub – less than, lux – bright light (energy), -ation – state of; The state of having less light or energy.

It’s common for those suffering with chronic Subluxations to feel tired, fatigued and disinterested in Life – like they’re barely existing.  If left undetected, chronic Subluxations interferewith the normal flow of power in your Nerve System, leaving you physically, mentally and emotionally drained.  The result: you end up walking around in a trance-like state, clueless to the fact that you’d feel more alive if you simply got adjusted.

Do you know someone who’s meandering through life like the walking dead?  Nothing’s scarier than living hopelessly in a
‘zombie-like-fog’ because of Subluxations.  Reach out and tell
them how Chiropractic care can transform them from the walking dead to the well-adjusted!

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The Surprising Link Between Chiropractic and Exercise

Source: Simon Senzon –

It amazes me to note that the developer of the chiropractic profession, Dr. B.J. Palmer, had a gym in his clinic back in the 1940’s. This officially makes him “old school”!

Although called the Rehab Lab, it was more in the tradition of an old school gym. Therapy wasn’t done to you, as in most physical therapy, but the patient used their own inner directed power to digest the energy of an adjustment.


You see, the sole purpose of chiropractic as per B.J.’s teachings, was to analyze the spine to detect and correct vertebral subluxations (misalignments).

These misalignments interfere with the normal flow of nerve signals from the brain to the body and back, compromising the function of that body part or muscles affected.

Once the vertebral subluxation is corrected, the signals can flow freely, restoring the function and life back to the  body parts and muscles that were compromised.


B.J. felt that once the interference was removed, the body part and muscles needed to be worked by the person to absorb that new found nerve energy for repair and growth.

It was up to the patient to have the incentive to exercise the body effectively by their own internal power and restore the health and strength to the body.


“B.J.’s Gym” had all the modern equipment of the time; arm developers, shoulder and back developers, leg pull machine and spirometry for lung strength. He even had some old school stuff like exercise bikes, gymnastic ladders and boxing heavy bags.


B. J. also felt that the human element was vital in a person’s recovery , and had a 2000 gallon fish tank installed to allow people to sit, relax and study the antics of fish. He also had beautiful gardens full of colorful plants and artifacts from around the world so people could rest and relax among them.

I would like to deeply thank chiropractic researcher and philosopher Simon Senzon DC for compiling this historical information for all to share and remember. His website, is a treasure drove of wonderful chiropractic history and philosophy.

If you’d like to see more of the B.J. Palmer Rehab Lab Click here.

Dr. Pete And The ICA Fitness Council Announces 2015 Arnold Symposium All-Star Line Up

Kiana Tom Montage

As President of the International Chiropractor’s Association Council on Fitness And Sports Health Science, I am proud to present The 23rd Annual Symposium on Natural Fitness and Sports March 5 – 7, 2015 at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

Click here to see the All Star Line Up of Guests and Presenters with a special tribute to TV Fitness Pioneers.

It is a quite an exciting and prestigious event and it is open to all, not just chiropractors and trainers. Come meet and take a photo with the Governator himself and meet your favorite sports and fitness stars!


For more information on this event go to


Images from the 2014 Arnold Symposium

Arnold, Chiropractor Franco Columbu, Actor Joe Manganiello, Olympian Lee Haney and some guy (Dr Pete!) photobombing in the background!
Arnold, Chiropractor Franco Columbu, Actor Joe Manganiello, Olympian Lee Haney and some guy (Dr Pete!) photobombing in the background!

Click here or above image to see all photos

The Executive Board of the International Chiropractors Association’s Council on Fitness and Sports Health Science put on quite a show in Columbus Ohio last week in association with the 26th Annual Arnold Sports Festival, and we have the pictures to prove it!

Most attendees had the thrill of meeting the Governator and our presenters, guests and exhibitors were world class participants. Everyone was engaged and excited to be there and a strong synergy was created between the chiropractic and fitness cultures.

Enjoy the photos and make your plans for next years event, you don’t have to be a chiropractor to attend and enjoy the event.

Click here to see photos from the event

For more go to


Evolution of an Old School Favorite: T-Bar Rows

Iconic image of Arnold doing T-Bar rows from the movie"Pumping Iron".
Iconic image of Arnold doing T-Bar rows from the movie”Pumping Iron”.

T- Bar rows were one of my favorite exercises back in the day! We’d take an Olympic bar, jam one end in a corner creaating a hinge, load up the free end with Olympic plates and add a detachable handle. Next we’d bend over and row, row, row! It was a more comfortable way to do rows because the lever action created by the hinge allowed for better body alignment and thus, less pressure on the low back. This allowed us to add more weights and get huge!

Now, five-time Olympic athlete Jorge Bonnet has founded a company called PurMotion that takes the hinged barbell concept to the next level of evolution. His system of equipment utilizes the hinge and lever effect to allow duplication of many standard strength and conditioning exercises creating improved functional and sports power. He stresses the safety of this type of training in that it allows for better body alignment and positional centering, thus reducing the abnormal stresses to the structures of your joints and spine.


If you’d like to see this concept in action, I’ve included a few short video links to some of the more common power movements below. On the videos, Jorge discusses the benefits and physics of the hinged lever arm and how it influences postural alignment over your center of gravity reducing undue pressure on the your spine and joints.

PurMotion Coaches Corner: Power Cleans

PurMotion Coaches Corner: Deadlifts

PurMotion Coaches Corner: Squats

Although widely popular and effective, at this time, not many gyms in our area, other than East Coast Fitness in North Bergen, NJ and some New York City clubs, are equipped with PurMotion training stations. You can call around your area to see if a gym close by you has it so you can try it and experience the results for yourself.

But don’t fret. Many gyms are equipped with other variations of a hinged barbell, and, depending on the equipment, you can experiment and replicate the  different movements that take advantage of the lever arm effect. In my gym, I use the hinged barbell to do squats, one arm presses, one arm rows, deadlifts and chest presses similar to the PurMotion moves.  You can even benefit by jamming a barbell into a corner like the guy below, just like we did in the old days!

One arm shoulder press using hinged barbell.

If you need help or suggestions to implement, give me a call, email me or stop by the office so I can guide you.

Keep Looking Forward…

Dr. Pete