The Surprising Link Between Chiropractic and Exercise

Source: Simon Senzon –

It amazes me to note that the developer of the chiropractic profession, Dr. B.J. Palmer, had a gym in his clinic back in the 1940’s. This officially makes him “old school”!

Although called the Rehab Lab, it was more in the tradition of an old school gym. Therapy wasn’t done to you, as in most physical therapy, but the patient used their own inner directed power to digest the energy of an adjustment.


You see, the sole purpose of chiropractic as per B.J.’s teachings, was to analyze the spine to detect and correct vertebral subluxations (misalignments).

These misalignments interfere with the normal flow of nerve signals from the brain to the body and back, compromising the function of that body part or muscles affected.

Once the vertebral subluxation is corrected, the signals can flow freely, restoring the function and life back to theĀ  body parts and muscles that were compromised.


B.J. felt that once the interference was removed, the body part and muscles needed to be worked by the person to absorb that new found nerve energy for repair and growth.

It was up to the patient to have the incentive to exercise the body effectively by their own internal power and restore the health and strength to the body.


“B.J.’s Gym” had all the modern equipment of the time; arm developers, shoulder and back developers, leg pull machine and spirometry for lung strength. He even had some old school stuff like exercise bikes, gymnastic ladders and boxing heavy bags.


B. J. also felt that the human element was vital in a person’s recovery , and had a 2000 gallon fish tank installed to allow people to sit, relax and study the antics of fish. He also had beautiful gardens full of colorful plants and artifacts from around the world so people could rest and relax among them.

I would like to deeply thank chiropractic researcher and philosopher Simon Senzon DC for compiling this historical information for all to share and remember. His website, is a treasure drove of wonderful chiropractic history and philosophy.

If you’d like to see more of the B.J. Palmer Rehab Lab Click here.

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